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(9) Slick Drill Collars


(9) Slick Drill Collars, (6) w/ Wrench Slots, (3) w/ Zip SR

  • 2-7/8″IF & 3-1/2″IF Conn: 4-1/4″ODx 19.90’L
  • 4-3/8″OD x 20.10’L
  • 4-3/8″OD x 20.00’L
  • 4-5/8″OD x 2-3/16″ID x 19.01’L
  • 4-5/8″OD x 27.20’L
  • 4-5/8″OD x 29.10’L
  • 4-1/2″OD x 2-5/16″ID x 20.00’L
  • 4-1/2″OD x 19.11’L
  • 4-1/2″OD x 20.00’L

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